Nehru International Public School
Nehru International Public School

Ms. Elina Dayal

The Founder Director, Ms. Elina Dayal, is highly qualified with 30 years of experience in the field of education. She has had an illustrious career of heading ten CBSE schools, all over India. In view of her long experience and valuable contribution as well as uprightness and commitment, she is regularly entrusted with the work of inspecting upcoming CBSE schools for granting affiliation. She was adjudged the Best Teacher during her very first year of teaching as a PGT in English. She has been conferred with the Lifetime Achievement Award for her contribution to the field of education. She has been a member of the governing body of the CBSE. She has recently been conferred with MahatmaGandhiSamman given by NRI WelfareSocietyofIndia in House of Commons, London, UK.


Education is not only the learning of facts, but it is the training of the mind to think. Education helps in creating the capacity of integrated understanding and an ability to use the knowledge intellectually. This is the fundamental aspect of the ethos of education.

At Nehru International Public School,Noida,we develop students’ learning and understanding, inquiry and reflection, resilience and independence. We always focus on the holistic development of the children. We are committed to indulge our students into experiential learning by providing them open opportunities for dialogue and critical thinking. We strive to enable our students to apply their knowledge and learn for lifetime. We constantly endeavor to prepare our students to become tomorrow’s global citizens by equipping them with the knowledge and skills required at global platform. 

We constantly work to develop a sense of discipline among our students where all students are expected to achieve high disciplinary standards and to develop values of tolerance, fair play, compassion, integrity and fortitude.

We ensure that all children, put under our care, are taught the importance of inculcating right ethics. These are significant in order to develop as an individual, both mentally and emotionally. With us, the students learn to be upright and honest, they understand respect, they are taught to differentiate right from wrong and above all, the noble sanskars: of nationalism, compassion and love for the less privileged.

We work in partnership with our parent community. I would like to thank all the parents who have always reposed their faith in us. I assure you that your loved ones are in safe hands. May the collective efforts of our dedicated faculty members and our supportive parents, be as strong as the hopes and dreams of our students.