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The Visionary

The Visionary The Founder Director Principal, Mrs. Elina Dayal is BA (Hons.), MA, M.Ed., M.Phil, PGCTE in English Lit. with 23 years of experience in the field of education. She has had an illustrious career of heading 10 CBSE schools, all over India within a span of 20years. She was selected as a member of the governing body of CBSE. She has inspected many schools, on behalf of CBSE, for granting of affiliation. She was adjudged the Best Teacher during her very first year of teaching as PGT English. She has been conferred with the Lifetime Achievement Award for her contribution to the field of education.


The Vision

I believe that the vision and philosophical beliefs of a school are the foundation for success. I am most often asked, not about vision, but about what actions we take to live our vision and philosophy. Following are a few of the school-wide practices and strategies we have in our classrooms:

Constructive teaching.

Frequent and ongoing assessments.

Class meetings to work for the community.

Everyone engaged in learning; students and staff.

Highly trained teachers working closely with each other.

Teachers who accept responsibility of each child in their classroom.

No tolerance of students who misbehave and keep others from learning.

Attention to common vocabulary.An absolute focus on the essential academic learning requirements.

Uninterrupted 80 minute blocks of time for the learning of Mathematics, Science and Language at least once in a week.

Again, this is not an inclusive list, but some of what I believe are our most effective strategies. From my perspective, our focus is on all children to meet the standards. But this learning cannot happen if children do not feel safe and cared for at school. Our children need our attention. If we can give each a connection, some positive attention, they stay away from misbehavior. With learners having different life experiences and coming from different cultures, instruction must be different to meet the needs of the individual learner as much as possible. To ensure this, we apply the best practices to meet the needs of the current student body without deviating from the efficacy principle of setting high expectations.